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ABR provides a wide range of coating related services for pipelines in extreme environments, bridge/tunnel structures in urban areas and marine vessels traveling the world including engineering for coating system selection, inspection, research on novel coating formulations and more.

Even the best protective coating system will fail prematurely if not properly applied. Protective coatings are essentially purchased unassembled, therefore their ultimate performance is largely dependent upon the quality with which they are installed. In fact, the majority of premature failures are attributed to improper surface preparation and coating application, not faulty coating materials.

The role of the ABR coatings inspector is to ensure that the coatings manufacturer's instructions are followed and specified requirements are achieved. In this way, coating system performance can be optimized and the design service life attained. This quality-assured approach maximizes return on investments by providing the lowest possible life cycle costs for a coating system when calculated on a cost-per-year basis.

ABR's NACE/SSPC/FROSIO International trained and certified inspectors will utilize a comprehensive assortment of state of the art test instrumentation and equipment to verify and document compliance with your specification requirements.


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